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Welcome to Tumblr Tuesday! Please enjoy these fresh Tumblr blogs!

Artwork by Erin O’Malley
Photography from a curious eye and an uncharted mind. Exploring the interaction of light with macro photography, this blog documents the artist’s journey of translating impressions from altered states to normalcy. (Above: Light Poem.)

Matthen: Maths and Science
Original posts about math, space, computational linguistics, and more, designed to be accessible and interesting to people of all backgrounds.

Operation Every Band
The Mission: To review every band showcasing at SXSW 2013. Featuring daily write ups, videos, and exclusive content through March on over 2,000 bands!

LA Game Space
A nonprofit, interdisciplinary center for art, design, and research, aimed at discovering the potential of videogames through residencies, exhibitions, labs, talks, and workshops.

Burgerlords is a gang.

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Are you a teen? This blog is just for you!

Are you a teen? This blog is just for you!

Love Disney? This blog has so many childhood memories!